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Never Steady, Never Still -- Film Description:
"Never Steady, Never Still is a devastating examination of the costs of long-term illness on a family. Shirley Henderson delivers a fearless, deeply moving performance as Judy, a woman who has battled Parkinson's disease nearly all her married life. As the illness exacts its toll, her husband, Eddie (Nicholas Campbell), struggles to care for her—and pushes their son, Jamie ([...] Théodore Pellerin), into adulthood, demanding he take a job far from home. Propelled by a profound sense of empathy and loss, Never Steady heartbreakingly charts the decline in Judy's health (her increasing difficulty in managing even quotidian tasks) and fiercely, poetically laments what might have been. [...] "
-- Steve Gravestock

"TIFF Film Reference Library." Toronto International Film Festival.