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The Mills of the Gods: Viet Nam -- Film Description:
"Television documentary film which examines the effects of the Vietnam war on both Vietnamese peasants and American troops. Comments from United States Marines and soldiers accompany footage of: troops searching the countryside for Viet Cong guerrillas; soldiers having their pictures taken with dead and tortured prisoners; a squadron of skyraider jets carrying out a bombing and napalm mission over the Vietnamese countryside and shots of U.S. Army helicopters rounding up prisoners, as the voice-over of an Air Force captain describes the proceedings. Stills of dead soldiers, burned out villages, shots of Vietnamese school children, and footage from inside a children's hospital portraying the youngest victims of the war. Film clips of Vietnamese women and U.S. servicemen in downtown Saigon. Special commentary and analysis from Bernard Fall and Nguyen Thai. This award winning documentary was dedicated 'to the soldiers and peasants for whom the mills of the gods grind slowly and they grind woe'."
-- Library and Archives Canada

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