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Ma vie en cinémascope -- Film Description:
"Alys Robi was the first Quebec woman to become an enormously popular recording artist on the international scene. She began singing when she was five, appearing on stage in her hometown of Quebec City. During the course of a 20-year career, she lived through a series of tumultuous love affairs while at the same time delighting a generation of fans with her music—songs with a Latin American rythmn such as Tico, Tico, Chik a boum and Besame mucho. While at the peak of her career, Alys was forced to put everything on hold when she fell victim to manic depression. She was subsequently hospitalized and underwent a lobotomy. This film tells a story of happiness and disappointment, of passionate love and thwarted love. Above all, it tells the story of a remarkable woman who led an extraordinary life and career."
-- Telefilm Canada

"Telefilm Canada: Catalogues: Vie en cinémascope (Ma)." Telefilm Canada.