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Elles étaient cinq -- Film Description:
"Manon Cloutier, 32, goes on a romantic dinner date with a charming work colleague, Stéphane Lebeau. Love is in the air! A few days later, sitting in her car at a car wash, Manon, in a reverie over the beginnings of a new romance, is shocked by the sight of a man with tattoos on his arm. Terror-stricken, she rushes home and double-locks the door. Memories return: she recalls a summer's day when she was 17, when she and her closest friends, Sophie, Anne, Claudie and Isa, organized a party at Sophie's parent's cottage. She remembers how happy they all were together... She remembers the young man with the tattoos who picked her up in a Jeep while she was hitchhiking on this memorable evening of celebration. Since that night, Manon has refused to see her friends. To stay alive, she has fled from everything that reminded her of the events that occurred when she was 17. Fifteen years later, however, despite Stéphane's solicitude, Manon realizes that only with the help of her childhood friends can she confront her painful past. Returning to Sophie's parent's cottage for the first time in 15 years, Manon unburdens herself to her friends. Will she finally be able to turn the page and find the happiness she deserves?"
-- Telefilm Canada

"Telefilm Canada: Catalogues: Elles étaient cinq." Telefilm Canada.