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Acts of Imagination -- Film Description:
"A fundamental mystery overshadows the childhood memories of Katya (Stephanie Hayes) and Slawko (Billy Marchenski). Their parents were murdered in Ukraine and the details remain elusive. Now a young woman, Katya's consciousness is split between past and present, Ukraine and Canada, as she relives her mother's final days to uncover the truth. [...] Director and writer Carolyn Combs has crafted a thematically rich and complex narrative. The central question of the film—is one's history an act of imagination?—is taken out of a theoretical realm and actively explored by the characters. Combs's unvarnished and raw approach to the characters and their world results in an exceptional intimacy."
-- Marguerite Pigott

Toronto International Film Festival [Programme]. Toronto: Toronto International Film Festival, 2006. (p. 366)