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Sylvia Spring (données partielles)

Pays : Canada
Née : 1942

Films réalisés par Sylvia Spring

Citations de Sylvia Spring [en anglais]

« Just as our mothers learned how to budget very small bits of money and make it stretch to feed the whole family, I think the small budgets that we women filmmakers have gotten we've had to stretch and really use and make a difference with that resource. »
-- Sylvia Spring (source)

« We [women film directors] are very concerned with what is going on in the world but it is very difficult to get the money for the films that need to be made. We have to approach male-dominated structures for funding. We also need a lot more support because of the prejudices we have to fight first. We need affirmative action and we need to make mistakes—women need to be able to learn from their mistakes. »
-- Sylvia Spring (source)

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Madeleine Is... (1971)

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