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Ramona MacDonald (partial data)

Also known as: Ramuna MacDonald

Films directed by Ramona MacDonald

Quote by Ramona MacDonald

"We [Doomsday Studios] are a strange bird. We are everything. We do experimental filmmaking, so we are artists. We do theatrical films, so that puts us into the commercial league. [...] We rent out our equipment and, because no one else was distributing video tapes in the region, we also distribute for independent filmmakers."
-- Ramona MacDonald (source)

Quotes about Ramona MacDonald

"Miss MacDonald is the energy source behind Doomsday [Studios]. She put up the cash to buy the equipment and get the studio in operation, out of her earnings as information officer in the federal Government. [...] The studio's material facilities were put together by her ingenuity and unerring eye for the main chance: thus, the discovery of an unused animation stand and camera at Dalhousie University—its purchase provided the crucial piece of equipment to get started—a drafting table from government surplus, a viewer from here, a movieola from there."
-- Laskey Heather (source)

"Ramuna MacDonald is a sparkling, energetic Lithuanian who has drawn together a group of imaginative people to form Doomsday, a year-old animation studio in Halifax. [...] She had been interested in animation for some time. The discovery of an unused animation stand and camera at Dalhousie University was just the spark she needed. The result was Doomsday, which now has five projects in various stages of completion and several more on the go."
-- Christopher Majka (source)

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