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Jennifer Hodge de Silva (partial data)

Also known as: Jennifer Hodge
Country: Canada
Born: 1951
Died: 1989

Films directed by Jennifer Hodge de Silva

Quotes about Jennifer Hodge de Silva

"[Jennifer] Hodge de Silva directed a number of films during the 1980s that established the dominant mode in African Canadian film culture. Working exclusively in the documentary and often on sponsored films, she staked out a set of concerns and a mode of production that might be termed Black liberalism."
-- Cameron Bailey (source)

"Though [Jennifer] Hodge de Silva's 'personality' can be found in what she chose to make films about, the films themselves resist the search for a subjective voice, a personal point of view. [...] However, Hodge de Silva interpreted the grammar of documentary realism and the limits of sponsored films in a way that I would argue is distinct, even personal."
-- Cameron Bailey (source)

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