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Barbara Wilson (partial data)

Films directed by Barbara Wilson

Quote about Barbara Wilson

"The Indian Film Crew and the Indian Film Training Program were firmly rooted in Aboriginal political activism, and all of the members of the IFC were members of an early Native rights organization, the Protest Alliance against Native Extermination (PANE). [...] The members of the Indian Film Crew and Indian Film Training Program maintained their involvement in Aboriginal activism and politics, with several members becoming chiefs of their reserves and holding leadership positions within national Aboriginal organizations. [...] Barbara Wilson (Haida) became a cultural leader in her community as well as a cultural resources manager where she continues to use video production in her cultural work."
-- Kristin L. Dowell (source)

For QUOTES about a specific film by Barbara Wilson, please see:   These Are My People ...   

Bibliography for Barbara Wilson

Section 1: Publications about the Films of Barbara Wilson

These Are My People ... (1969)

Book Chapters

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