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Citation :
« Margaret Perry was pregnant when her husband, a geology professor at the University of New Brunswick, died after being struck by a fire truck in 1936. Widowed and pregnant with their child, Perry was forced to find a way to earn money. Formerly a stenographer—a job she hated—Perry turned to photography. Her love of the outdoors meant she had no desire to be cooped up in an office. She sold photos to magazines and wrote articles. She also took a correspondence course in still and movie photography, and started making films. That interest in filmmaking would turn into a decades-long career, one that produced a large catalogue of work that archivists in Nova Scotia are now digitizing so it can have greater recognition and once again be watched by a wide audience. »
-- Richard Woodbury

Source :
WOODBURY, Richard. « Work of pioneering N.S. filmmaker Margaret Perry goes under the lens », CBC, 26 février 2022. [en anglais]