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« It was a retraining centre in West Virginia run by Xerox and we made a documentary [...] another Canadian, Sylvia Davern, who was working in animation at the time and two American girls, one doing sound and another shooting. The job came through Sylvia's company. [...] Anyway, I took some of my own outs from the film—some of which were genuine old-fashioned cutaways, and which I felt very strongly about, and began to make Hand Tinting. [...] The centre was about 80% Black kids who had come from everywhere. They were lonely, rebellious, funny, restless, and hopelessly poor. What they were offered in the way of education was humiliating to me, some rooms with typewriters, and a machine that spoke to them as they typed. [...] It was a corporate pacification programme. I wanted to do my own film about them. »
-- Joyce Wieland

Source :
ARMATAGE, Kay. « Kay Armatage interviews Joyce Wieland », entretien avec Joyce Wieland, Take One (Montreal), vol. 3, no. 2 ['issue of Nov.-Dec, 1970; published Feb. 7, 1972'], novembre-décembre 1970. (p. 23) [en anglais]