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« In terms of subject matter, if you make one film about sisters, you've made all films about sisters. It seems if you come to a second film about sisterhood, or motherhood, or anything about the relationships that women have with other people, be they men or women, if you've made one film like that, it's considered already done. Whereas you can have many thousands of male buddy movies. But two in a row of friendships between women of whatever ages and orientation, it's called duplication. »
-- Anne Wheeler

Source :
LEVITIN, Jacqueline. « Making Feature Films: Panel Discussion with Helma Sanders Brahms (Germany), Caroline Eades (France), Patricia Plattner (Switzerland), and Anne Wheeler (Canada) » , dans Women Filmmakers: Refocusing, sous la direction de Jacqueline Levitin, Judith Plessis et Valerie Raoul, Vancouver, UBC Press, 2003. [en anglais] (p. 204)