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« Lesbian Nation had such a profound impact on Canadian feminists that [Jill] Johnston was invited to guest lecture at Innis College, where a collective of graduate students, [Kay] Armatage among them, were leading the University of Toronto's first women's studies courses. When the mercurial Johnston returned to campus two years later for the premiere [of Jill Johnston: October 1975], at the fourth annual Women's International Film Festival, she was anything but flattered by the image on the screen. The filmmakers were visibly shaken when, after the credits rolled and the auditorium erupted in applause, Johnston rose out of the audience to denounce the project, personally disparage Armatage, and threaten to sue anyone who attempted to distribute the documentary outside of Canada. »
-- Sara Warner

Source :
WARNER, Sara. « A Gay Old Time: Jill Johnston, 1975 » , dans Theatres of Affect, sous la direction de Erin Hurley, Toronto, Playwrights Canada Press, 2014. [en anglais] (p. 105)