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Citation :
« [In The Far Shore, Joyce] Wieland employs dramatic expressionistic light to intensify colour and often imitates a Baroque painterly illusionism. The mise-en-scène is simultaneously a visual correlative for the intense emotional crises of the heroine and a photographic encapsulation of European and Canadian art history; it relies upon such an extended play of painterly homage that it ruptures the smooth illusion of cinematic realism. As self-consciously composed 'forgeries', Wieland's images contradict the notion that they represent photographic material of a natural world. »
-- Lauren Rabinovitz

Source :
RABINOVITZ, Lauren. « The Far Shore: Feminist Family Melodrama » , ["[Originally published in] Jump Cut 32 (1987): 29-31."] dans The Films of Joyce Wieland, sous la direction de Kathryn Elder, Toronto, Toronto International Film Festival Group, 1999. [en anglais] (p. 123)