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« By exploring relationships between language, text and image, by increasingly using that relationship for exploring narrativity, [Joyce] Wieland's development in experimental films prefigures the cinematic work of such feminist filmmakers as Yvonne Rainer and Babette Mangolte. Wieland's films offer feminist solutions for integrating materials, processes and themes that resolutely emphasize formal manipulations of subjective screen space, point of view and temporality. Through its exploration of political, formal and conceptual options, Wieland's work becomes an important link in the feminist artistic heritage. »
-- Lauren Rabinovitz

Source :
RABINOVITZ, Lauren. « The Development of Feminist Strategies in the Experimental Films of Joyce Wieland » , ["[Originally published in] Film Reader 5 (1982): 132-140."] dans The Films of Joyce Wieland, sous la direction de Kathryn Elder, Toronto, Toronto International Film Festival Group, 1999. [en anglais] (p. 116)