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« What I was really drawn to in the story is that it's this incredibly hopeful exercise—this community of women who don't agree with each other on a lot of things, having to figure out how to work together and move forward together, and the stakes couldn't be higher. The film at its spine is incredibly optimistic, so I never felt mired in the difficulty of it. It's about surviving and moving forward together as a community, and a really rich and deep experiment in what democracy might look like. Those, for me, were the driving forces. The trauma is the substance of what they have to deal with as they move through those things. I did think that finding laughter was incredibly important and that we needed a guiding principle of finding moments of release and laughter and levity wherever humanly possible in this film [Women Talking]. »
-- Sarah Polley

Source :
STUART, Tessa. « 'We can imagine a better future': Sarah Polley on 'Women Talking' », entretien avec Sarah Polley, Rolling Stone, 25 décembre 2022. [en anglais]