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« [Emporte-moi] is immersed simultaneously in the French new wave and the Quebecois cinema of the sixties. In preparation for the shoot, Pool and [cinematographer Jeanne] Lapoirie watched a full program of new wave films, including everything by Truffaut and Godard, whose early masterpieces Les quatre-cent coups (1959) and Vivre sa vie (1962) play [...] key roles in Emporte-moi. Like [Jean-Claude] Lauzon's Léolo, also an important influence, Pool's film combines Montreal locations with a surrealist style and an improvisational, episodic structure. »
-- David L. Pike

Source :
PIKE, David L. Canadian Cinema since the 1980s: At the Heart of the World, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2012. [en anglais] (p. 158)