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« Unlike some of the work within [the experimental film] tradition, [Joyce] Wieland does not resort to pure abstraction, to a complete denial of reference. Nor, however, does she surrender to mainstream expression. Wieland's self-reflexivity is not only a 'device' to explore the nature of cinema. She makes the viewer aware of the filmmaking process in order to sharpen perception for a greater end. Wieland's work is indeed about film, but also considers concrete political issues. It is not a cinema only of itself; it is rather a cinema that is aware of the society that gave it birth. »
-- Lianne M. McLarty

Source :
MCLARTY, Lianne M. « The Experimental Films of Joyce Wieland » , ["[Originally published in] Ciné-Tracts 17 (Summer-Fall 1982): 51-63."] dans The Films of Joyce Wieland, sous la direction de Kathryn Elder, Toronto, Toronto International Film Festival Group, 1999. [en anglais] (p. 87)