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« [Evelyn Lambart] played an immense role in almost all my films, except for the last ten years, when she started to make her own films. We got together in the '40s. [...] She started kind of as an assistant, but more and more, we fitted in, and in some films she was really sort of co-directing them. One thing was that she was very methodical. Terribly systematic, had lots of things on hand—protractors and compasses and any other instruments. [...] We shared ideas and opinons. [...] I felt the value of a second person, provided that other person felt the same way about art and about colour and about movement. And there she was! »
-- Norman McLaren

Source :
DOBSON, Nichola. Norman McLaren: Between the Frames, London, Bloomsbury Academic, 2018. [en anglais] (p. 144)