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« By deliberately choosing to glorify the materials accessible to the shut-in housewife, [Joyce] Wieland has found a space to breathe. Cats, mice, the kitchen table and sink, teacups and teapots are all a part of her repertoire. Wearing the nametags that have been lavished upon her—most significantly, 'the ultimate feminine artist'—Wieland admits that domestic trappings have provided a strength for her work. »
-- Debbie Magidson and Judy Wright

Source :
MAGIDSON, Debbie et Judy WRIGHT. « True Patriot Love » , ["[Originally published in] Art and Artists 8 (October 1973): 39-41."] dans The Films of Joyce Wieland, sous la direction de Kathryn Elder, Toronto, Toronto International Film Festival Group, 1999. [en anglais] (p. 85)