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Citation :
« As a devastatingly graphic representation of rape, [Mourir à tue-tête] provides a space to contemplate the brutality of rape. The film formally engages in a dialogue that encourages the audience to explicitly consider how rape is dramatized in cinema. This dialectic formal structure helps viewers grapple with the film's difficult images, which, alongside the graphic rape scene, include documentary footage of female genital mutilation and female victims of the war in Vietnam. Together, Suzanne's rape and the systemic violence against women on a global scale signify how misogyny is built into a wide range of social structures. »
-- Shana MacDonald

Source :
MACDONALD, Shana. « Materiality and Metaphor: Rape in Anne Claire Poirier's Mourir à tue-tête and Jean-Luc Godard's Weekend » , dans Rape in Art Cinema, sous la direction de Dominique Russell, New York, Continuum, 2010. [en anglais] (p. 63)