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« Quietly, confidently and without fanfare, [Sarah] Polley has made the first piece of great post-MeToo cinema. What it depicts, and a homogenising hashtag doesn't, is that there is no singular response to abuse. It's also a reminder that change rarely comes without collective action. The women are trying to understand who they might be in a world where they are not subjugated, and that question is presented here as an opportunity. To those not interested in this conversation then Women Talking might sound, literally, like just a bunch of women talking. But for those who want to listen—and those who need to hear it—this is a film full of hope. »
-- Clarisse Loughrey, Jessie Thompson

Source :
LOUGHREY, Clarisse et Jessie THOMPSON. « Oscar-worthy meditation on sexual abuse and survival », critique de Women Talking, Independent (U.K.), 10 février 2023. [en anglais]