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« I don't storyboard too closely; to have done all the fun work, and to animate it, there are no surprises left. But I also need to know where I'm going since I work under the camera. If I take a wrong turn I can't go back. So, as I come to each scene, I do some little sketches, particularly to know what the characters look like in different positions, so I don't get lost. »
-- Caroline Leaf

Source :
CANEMAKER, John. « A Conversation with Caroline Leaf » , dans Storytelling in Animation: An Anthology, sous la direction de John Canemaker, Los Angeles, American Film Institute, 1988, The Art of the Animated Image, vol. 2. 'Published in conjunction with the Second Annual Walter Lang Conference on Animation, held on June 11, 1988'. [en anglais] (p. 55)