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Citation :
« The actors [in Women Talking] nimbly maneuver both the old-fashioned formality of the dialogue and the script's swells of anger and loss with striking clarity and mettle. [Claire] Foy painfully illustrates Salome's apoplexy about what was done to her daughter. [Rooney] Mara manages a wistful, dreamy measuredness that can't quite hide the sadness that has descended over Ona's life. [Jessie] Buckley commandingly lashes out in confusion and fury. [Sheila] McCarthy, as an egregiously harmed elder and a guilt-ridden parent, conjures up generations of unspoken violation. »
-- Richard Lawson

Source :
LAWSON, Richard. « Sarah Polley's Women Talking wades into a mighty discourse », critique de Women Talking, Vanity Fair, 9 septembre 2022. [en anglais]