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« If the plain story of Nell Shipman's life could ever be filmed, nobody would believe it. It would be called just a wild movie story—except, perhaps, by those who recalled the facts in the front page newspaper sensation of five years ago. It is incredible, this story of the young and beautiful film star who made fame and fortune—and decided to forsake Hollywood so that she could produce the films she wanted to do—herself, and with no interference. It is impossible to believe that the girl could really have gathered together a zoo of one hundred and thirty-five animals and gone off into the wilds of Northern Idaho, twenty miles from a road and fifty miles from a railroad; could have kept house for these animals and three or four men, mostly 'quitters'; could have passed through untold agony with the onset of winter, when her fiance and director became demented because of a frozen foot and she took him through a terrific battle with the elements back to civilization. »
-- Lancaster Daily Eagle (Ohio)

Source :
LANCASTER DAILY EAGLE (OHIO). « Heroine of frozen north adventure turns writer: Nell Shipman, former film star and producer of wild animal pictures, leaves perils for fame as author », Lancaster Daily Eagle (Ohio), 8 juillet 1930. [en anglais]