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« I wanted to help Norman [McLaren] to work out his ideas, but I realized that I could do more than that. And it was Wolf who'd said 'Come on Eve, you've got to make some films of your own.' And it was a bit of a stretch for me to realize that my opinion mattered—you see I was so accustomed to discussing everything with Norman and coming to a consensus about something, and suddenly I had to make all my decisions myself. And I'd sit there and think 'Evelyn, you have to decide this yourself. Do not discuss it with Norman. What do you want and what do you think is good and what do you think is worthwhile?' And sometimes it would take quite a while, 'cause your brain was so accustomed to discussing it with somebody. »
-- Evelyn Lambart

Source :
Eleven Moving Moments with Evelyn Lambart (Onze moments animés avec Evelyn Lambart), réalisé par Donald McWilliams, National Film Board of Canada / Office national du film du Canada, 2017. [en anglais]