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« Ottawa was my home, and [John] Grierson was just starting the Film Board. So I thought 'Well I'll go down and see.' So I applied, and they said come back on Monday. There was a thing called the title department, and there were about four people there, of which Norman [McLaren] was one, and I was employed as a letterer, but they soon found out that I didn't know anything about lettering. But they were very sympathetic with me, because I had been to art school and I probably had a broader education than some of the other ones. Then they discovered there were other things I could do, and so they thought they'd keep me. The war was on and there was a tremendous need of films for public education. [...] Well, I remember one of the first things I did was a diagram about how to cut up meat economically. »
-- Evelyn Lambart

Source :
ROBERTSON, Joanne. « Making Movie History: A Portrait in 61 Parts; Evelyn Lambart: McLaren and Beyond [video] », National Film Board of Canada / Office national du film du Canada, [en anglais]