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« When Madeleine Is was released [...] critics frothed, box-office figures were desolate, and the kindest thing people could say was: 'Too bad—she's a talented filmmaker but this is such an awful film. Technically amateurish, the content is flimsy, it's just bad.' Years passed and Madeleine Is became a skeleton in Canada's cinema closets. It was the Most Bad-Mouthed Film Ever Made in this country (and I had missed it). A few years ago, there was another screening. Expecting the worst, I nonetheless decided to see it and was: 1. Totally mindblown 2. Then ANGRY 3. Finally, philosophically resigned. Why? For one, Madeleine Is is technically one of the best films produced under the Canadian Film Development Corporation's low-budget programme. But it's also a good film and is still a relevant account of the chaotic sixties. »
-- A. Ibranyi-Kiss

Source :
IBRANYI-KISS, A. « Fantasy, film and feminism or An affirmation of male paranoia », Cinema Canada, no. 19, mai-juin 1975. (p. 55) [en anglais]