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« The Mills of the Gods, Beryl Fox's searing documentary on Vietnam, was initially shown in 1965, a period when the U.S. build-up of troops had begun in earnest but when the popular media were still speaking in the unified, distinctly hawkish tones of the domino theorists. So the filmmakers displayed great insight in compiling this indictment and the CBC great courage in airing it. Watching then, viewers of all political stripes were profoundly affected. Watching now, after 17 years and countless revisionist arguments, one is even more impressed. [...] The Mills of the Gods shares the quality of all great artistic achievements—time and hindsight only enhance its merits. »
-- Rick Groen

Source :
GROEN, Rick. « Seven Days fails test of time », Globe and Mail, 22 mai 1982. [en anglais]