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« The rhythms of the dialogue [in Women Talking] are sometimes stilted and strange [...] and the movie itself so rigorously self-contained and, well, talky that it's hard to imagine exactly who its wider audience will be. Still, there's a deep vein of humor and humanity that [Sarah] Polley and her actors mine from the text, and something quietly mesmerizing in their world-building. (If [Claire] Foy or [Jessie] Buckley don't get at least one major industry nod, the awards system isn't working.) [Women Talking] is billed in the title card, tellingly, as 'An act of female imagination.' When it lifts away from its more formal constraints, imagination almost feels like too soft a word for this fierce, sometimes inscrutable film; it's an act of will. »
-- Leah Greenblatt

Source :
GREENBLATT, Leah. « Women Talking review: A religious commune reckons with rape and retribution; An isolated Mennonite community is rocked by scandal in Sarah Polley's starry, uncompromising drama », critique de Women Talking, Entertainment Weekly, 3 septembre 2022. [en anglais]