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« Miss Beryl Fox of Toronto is a producer of exceptional sensitivity and, with the camera, has caught with searing accuracy the overwhelming tragedy of war. [...] Miss Fox and her photographer, Eric Durschmeid, concentrated on the hapless Vietnamese peasants who have known conflict for a generation and have suffered violence from both sides. But without extraneous comment, Miss Fox also reported the contagion of war's brutality in a sequence without parallel in the annals of television. The sequence showed an attractive and youthful American pilot caught up in the excitement of doing his job. Only this time he was dropping napalm bombs on the Vietcong and was exulting over his intercom on the mission's success in driving the enemy into the open. 'This is fun,' he said. »
-- Jack Gould

Source :
GOULD, Jack. « Canada brings style to news », New York Times, 30 janvier 1966. [en anglais]