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Citation :
« [Léa] Pool's films operate within a tradition of feminist cinema, both in their subject matter and aesthetic approach. While critics have been divided about the brand of feminism she embraces, her work undoubtedly challenges traditional representations of women. Her cinematic style eschews the objectifying gaze that typifies mainstream film; as a woman director she is clearly cognizant of the power of the apparatus and foregrounds this issue with characters who themselves wield cameras (Andrea in A Woman in Waiting, Anne in Anne Trister, and Hanna in Set Me Free). »
-- Jennifer L. Gauthier

Source :
GAUTHIER, Jennifer L. « Living In/Between: The Cinema of Léa Pool » , dans Great Canadian Film Directors, sous la direction de George Melnyk, Edmonton, University of Alberta Press, 2007. [en anglais] (p. 231)