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« I grew up in a Winnipeg slum. Rats inhabited the plumbing and the cockroaches considered themselves joint tenants. Me, I gazed at the moon and dreamed of being significant. Significance, I assumed, was public recognition, awards and honours, and zero cockroaches. Since then I've achieved a number of my girlhood dreams. For instance, I've been warned by the Pentagon that if I ever returned as a journalist to a battle zone under their control, that I could get accidentally shot by friendly fire. That's public recognition enough for me. »
-- Beryl Fox

Source :
FOX, Beryl. « Bringing It All Back Home » , ["From Beryl Fox's October 28, 1983 convocation address to the University of Western Ontario graduating class."] dans Here's Looking at Us: Celebrating Fifty Years of CBC-TV, sous la direction de Stephen Cole, Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, 2002. [en anglais] (p. 105)