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Citation :
« Despite the lip-service [Nell Shipman] paid, in her 1919 self-portrait 'Me' [published in Photoplay], to 'Feminism, Socialism, and other Isms', still I cannot see Nell Shipman as a filmmaker led by the conviction to support a cause. Shipman did not make films to put out statements or a message, but for the fun, for the fame, and to earn money. To the extent that she would assert that women 'had a right to do everything their hearts desired', this emanated from pragmatism and from her own experience, and it depended on the spirit of the times, the discourses of which Nell Shipman was an astute interpreter and appropriator. »
-- Annette Förster

Source :
FÖRSTER, Annette. « Nell Shipman and the American Silent Cinema » , dans Women in the Silent Cinema: Histories of Fame and Fate, Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2017. [en anglais] (p. 386)