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« Adapted from Miriam Toews' 2018 novel of the same name with fierce intellect, immense force, and a visionary sense of how to remap the world as we know it along more compassionate (matriarchal) lines, Sarah Polley's Women Talking never feels like it's just 104 minutes of bonneted fundamentalists chatting in a barn, even though—with a few memorable, and sometimes very funny exceptions—that's exactly what it is. Toews' book could easily have been made into a play, but every widescreen frame of Polley's film will make you glad that it wasn't. She infuses this truth-inspired tale with a gripping multi-generational sweep from the very first line, which puts the violence in the rear-view mirror and begins the hard work of keeping it there. »
-- David Ehrlich

Source :
EHRLICH, David. « 'Women Talking' review: Sarah Polley's electric drama is an urgent vision of how to remake our world », critique de Women Talking, IndieWire, 3 septembre 2022. [en anglais]