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Citation :
« [Before the 1950s] I did everything; I did sound mixing, photography, etc. because there was only two of us [F.R. Crawley and Judith Crawley]. I even went out as a freelance camerawoman for the NFB, but that was when I only had one or two children. Then I slipped into writing. I was writing more and not directing because with the directing you have to be out for eight or ten hours at a time. Whereas, with writing you can do it at night when the children are asleep. »
-- Judith Crawley

Source :
FORRESTER, James A. « Observations from the Crawley Films History Project » , dans Budge: F.R. Crawley and Crawley Films, 1939-1982, sous la direction de James A. Forrester, Lakefield, Ont., IRS, 1996. [en anglais] (p. 84)