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« Perhaps the whole problem facing women directors can be summed up by a story [Kay Armatage] told about [Mireille] Dansereau [during the Women Directors and Their Films festival at York University, March 5-9, 1973]: 'The only shot in La vie rêvée that Mireille didn't like was the one set up by her male cameraman. It was a scene in which one of the girls races out of a building and through a field, a long scene of her cutting through the tall grass. Mireille set the camera angle and then left for a while. When she saw the rushes, she realized the cameraman had re-set the angle, and the whole focus of the scene—which couldn't be cut because of continuity—was the girl's white panties under the flapping back section of her dress, exposed by the new, lower angle of the camera.' »
-- Warren Clements

Source :
CLEMENTS, Warren. « Leading ladies will never be the same again », Excalibur, 15 mars 1973. [en anglais]