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« [Sarah] Polley has no interest in exploiting the male violence that has been inflicted on her characters, and she trusts her superb actors [...] to subtly embody the horrors of the past as their characters grapple with the future. Nor does Polley lean exclusively on realism in a movie that deliberately hovers between drama and parable, the materially concrete and the spiritually abstract, and whose stark austerity sometimes gives way to bursts of salty wit and cathartic laughter. And so, as sharply honed and concentrated as it is, Women Talking has a remarkable formal and conceptual fluidity. The cinematographer, Luc Montpellier, employs a palette that's muted to the point of monochrome; it's a deliberately unlovely look—a reflection of an ugly world—that makes it all the more remarkable when moments of color and beauty steal into the frame. »
-- Justin Chang

Source :
CHANG, Justin. « A splendid 'Women Talking' and indulgent 'Bardo' get Telluride arguing from the start », critique de Women Talking, Los Angeles Times, 3 septembre 2022. [en anglais]