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« [Sarah Polley] asked [Women Talking] crew members if they had input on scenes and checked in on how the work was affecting them logistically and even emotionally. She emailed the cast every night, outlining expectations and orders of operations for the next day. She also kept a therapist specializing in trauma and memory on set from beginning to end and devised a schedule that maintained humane daily hours so working parents could see their kids. Virtually all of this was foreign to the stars. 'I was taught in this industry, Shut up, do what you're told, don't fight back, you're lucky to be there,' says Claire Foy, who plays the righteously rageful Salome. 'I've never worked with a director like Sarah, ever. It's how she believes the world should be.' »
-- David Canfield

Source :
CANFIELD, David. « Sarah Polley's radical vision for Women Talking: The writer-director and her cast speak candidly about upending Hollywood norms for a film with even bigger revolutions on its mind », Vanity Fair, 5 décembre 2022. [en anglais]