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« I can't help thinking that in the real world, the women would have been much more aware of practicalities. Stay and 'fight'? How does that work? And if they want to flee, then that might have to be more like a prison escape; they would need to leave right away, before their brutal menfolk caught them and brought them back. And they would surely have needed to think where exactly they were going and where, for example, they were going to spend the night. The film's [Women Talking's] rather abstract conversation doesn't convey much in the way of urgency or specificity. But there is a sustained moral seriousness in [Sarah] Polley's work, a willingness to confront pain. »
-- Peter Bradshaw

Source :
BRADSHAW, Peter. « Women Talking review—ensemble drama forefronts female experience of violence », critique de Women Talking, Guardian, 9 février 2023. [en anglais]