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Citation :
« Deepa Mehta's Beeba Boys deserves recognition for being the first hyperviolent, Tarantino-inspired comedy to take place entirely within the Canadian Sikh criminal underworld. But as intriguing as it is to see the respected arthouse auteur cut loose with this deliriously unserious, highly stylized gangland blowout, the tone never quite gels, leaving the film an eye-catching but weightless mishmash of hit-and-miss one-liners and bloody yet non-visceral firefights. »
-- Andrew Barker

Source :
BARKER, Andrew. « 'Beeba Boys'; Deepa Mehta's Canadian Sikh gangster comedy is a unique change of pace, but misfires at too many crucial moments », critique de Beeba Boys, Variety, 14 septembre 2015. [en anglais]