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« Jill Johnston October 1975 was not only a portrait of a political figure from the women's movement addressing feminist issues. We had made every attempt in the filmmaking process to eliminate the charges of objectification which are rightly laid on so many documentary filmmakers. The all-women crew had been with Jill constantly, becoming her friends and home base while she was in Toronto, and she had publicly stated that she was enjoying the filming. As for the crew, although areas of technical expertise had been specific, collaboration and collectivity had been the norm. (I admit that some of that collaboration had been necessitated by the lack of filmmaking experience of the co-directors, but for me at least it was also equally a principle developed through years of working collectively in women's groups.) In the editing also we felt that we had been sympathetic, truthful and fair to our subject. »
-- Kay Armatage

Source :
ARMATAGE, Kay. « Feminist Film-making: Theory and Practice », Canadian Woman Studies / Les Cahiers de la femme, vol. 1, no. 3 (1979). (p. 49) [en anglais]