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Réalisé par Joyce Wieland
Canada, 1973 (expérimental, 11 minutes, couleurs)

Description du film [en anglais] :
« The film is composed primarily of images of the feet of people marching on a strike-bound plant, filmed with a hand-held camera, with the word 'solidarity' superimposed into the middle of the screen. The soundtrack presents the off-screen voice of one of the strike leaders. »
-- R. Bruce Elder (source)


Citations sur Solidarity [en anglais]

« Solidarity (1973) combines Wieland's immutable occupations with women's work and equality and the mediations of representation with an almost-documentary application of avant-garde operations. »
-- Kay Armatage (source)

« Because the voice on the soundtrack [of Solidarity] emanates from an off-screen space, and because the field of view is confined within very narrow limits, the spectator becomes acutely aware of space beyond the edge of the frame. »
-- R. Bruce Elder (source)

« Similar to her earlier works, [in Solidarity] [Joyce] Wieland selects a series of details seen isolated from any depth-of-field and seen so closely that colours, textures and shapes become interesting features in and of themselves. [...] The often shaky hand-held camera offers an identifiable subjective point of view of someone in the crowd, the filmmaker, watching people's feet. »
-- Lauren Rabinovitz (source)

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