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Liberty Stands Still

Réalisé par Kari Skogland
Canada / Allemagne, 2002 (fiction, 92 minutes, couleurs, anglais)

Description du film [en anglais] :
« The heiress to and co-president of America's largest gun manufacturing corporation is on her way to the theater when her cell phone rings. As she stands in the street, the red site-laser hitting her chest is proof the caller is dead serious in his threats. Now she finds herself at the mercy of the very thing that made her rich: a gun and a person with his finger on the trigger. »
-- WorldCat (source)

Générique (partiel) :
Scénario : Kari Skogland
Produit par : Gary Pearl, Ogden Gavanski, Eberhard Kayser, Peter A. Marshall, Mario Ohoven, Michael Ohoven, William Vince
Interprètes principaux : Tanya Allen, Hart Bochner, Fulvio Cecere, Gregory Calpakis, Terry Chen, Garvin Cross, Roger R. Cross, Martin Cummins, Keith Dallas, Linda Fiorentino, Marrett Green, Darcy Laurie, David Lewis, Robert Lewis, Brian Markinson, Suzette Meyers, Chiara Ohoven, Steve Pascal, Oliver Platt, Shawn Reis, Claire Riley, Ryan Robbins, Jonathan Scarfe, Darryl Scheelar, Ron Selmour, Jeff Seymour, Rekha Sharma, Michael David Simms, Wesley Snipes, Blake Stovin, Ian Tracey, Hilda van der Meulen, José Vargas, Jerry Wasserman, Connor Widdows, Peter Williams
Images : Denis Maloney
Montage images : Jim Munro
Musique : Michael Convertino
Société de production : Lions Gate Films, Cinerenta, Pearl Pictures, Cinestone, Still Productions

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Citation sur Liberty Stands Still [en anglais]

« [Director] Kari Skogland (Men With Guns) makes Wesley Snipes a high-tech, ex-CIA sniper, whose target is Liberty Wallace (Linda Fiorentino), a woman who inherited an arms business. Snipes' character is out to avenge the death of his daughter, killed in a school shooting by a boy with a high-powered weapon. If there's a feminist moral in this tightly plotted, highly strung thriller it's that women can be ruthless with the best of the men. »
-- Susan Walker (source)

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