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The Appointment

Réalisé par M.B. Chaimson et Rita Schaffer
Canada, 1975 (documentaire / fiction, 18 minutes, couleurs, anglais)

Description du film [en anglais] :
« A marriage is in crisis—the man and woman, portrayed by actors, have different opinions as to what the wife's role should be. The husband is disturbed when his wife's revived interest in painting disrupts the household. Putting great hopes on someone else's ability to solve her problems, she decides to see a psychiatrist. On this open-ended note the film ends, leaving the audience with the possibility of free-wheeling discussion of some of the present-day problems many couples have to face. »
-- National Film Board of Canada (source)

Description du film [en anglais] :
« Deals with a recently divorced woman who is trying to salvage her self-respect. »
-- WorldCat (source)

Générique (partiel) :
Produit par : Rita Schaffer, M.B. Chaimson
Société de production : Concordia University

Citation sur The Appointment [en anglais]

« We witness the beginning of a particular woman's day while, in voice-over, she relates some details of her background. [...] Her husband's resistance to her growing need to practise her art and to achieve herself as an individual ultimately led to their divorce. Now re-established with her two children in a colourful apartment and beginning to exhibit her works, she is striving, with evident success, to achieve full potential. This intelligent, understated presentation is likely to start arguments in almost any group. The story is a case study in evidence for women's liberation. By the film's conclusion, viewers will either accept her understanding of events in her life and share her optimism, her loneliness and her frustration—or else they will dispute every point. »
-- Judith Davis (source)

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