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Anchor Zone

Réalisé par Andrée Pelletier
Canada, 1994 (fiction, 82 minutes, couleurs, anglais)

Description du film [en anglais] :
« Set in 2010, the city is in chaos with street kids facing the threat of 'rehabilitation'. Against this backdrop, a young girl tries to trace her long-lost grandfather. »
-- Screen International (source)

Générique (partiel) :
Scénario : T.H. Hatte
Produit par : Ken Pittman, Rosemary House
Interprètes principaux : Michael Luke, Henry Czerny, Nicole Stoffman, Pheilm Martin, Andrew Younghusband, Mark Critch, Ron Hynes, Janis Spence, Sebastian Spence, Michelle Jackson, Barry Newhook, Javk Lamphear, Darrin Forward, Hassan Bangura, Jocelyn Thomas, Ashley Billard, Jon Whalen, Ruth Lawrence, Janet Edmonds, Laura House, Gabriel Williams, Monica Walsh, Leslie Boddie, Carlos Vinc, Frances Knickle, Jane Manson, Liz Pickard, John Ryan
Images : Michael Jones
Montage images : Hélène Girard, Michael Munn
Musique : Sandy Morris
Société de production : Red Ochre Productions

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Citation sur Anchor Zone [en anglais]

« Set in 2010, Anchor Zone is about a bankrupt port. The community has been taken over by a corporation facing rebellion from feisty teenagers. [Henry] Czerny is the villain, a scientist using computers to boost the intelligence of its youth. Anchor Zone's assets include its gritty St. John's locations and a young, enthusiastic cast that features Nicole Stoffman, from the TV series Degrassi Junior High, and local comics Mark Critch and Andrew Younghusband. Liabilities include clunky special effects and props, and a confusing plot that seems awkwardly preoccupied with science fiction concepts such as computer implants in humans that have been more deftly used elsewhere. »
-- Canadian Press (source)

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