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If You Love This Planet

Réalisé par Terre Nash
Canada, 1982 (documentaire, 26 minutes, couleurs / noir et blanc, anglais)
Autre titre : « Si cette planète vous tient à coeur »
If You Love This Planet
Photo © Office national du film du Canada
Vidéo (Office national du film du Canada) [anglais]
Vidéo (Office national du film du Canada)

Description du film :
« Le titre de ce film aurait pu tenir dans un cri : S.O.S. TERRE! L'arsenal nucléaire actuel est tel que bien des sources autorisées doutent, en effet, que l'humanité n'atteigne l'an 2000! Dans une conférence filmée en 1981, la docteure Helen Caldicott relève les calculs de probabilité les plus connus ('une chance sur deux d'ici à 1985', ce sont les prévisions de l'état-major américain confirmées par l'université Harvard et le Massachusetts Institute of Technology) et la 'chronique des erreurs' (les ordinateurs du Pentagone se seraient trompés 151 fois en 18 mois!). »
-- Office national du film du Canada (source)

Générique (partiel) :
Produit par : Edward Le Lorrain, Kathleen Shannon
Montage images : Terre Nash
Musique : Karl Duplessis
Société de production : National Film Board of Canada / Office national du film du Canada

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Citations sur If You Love This Planet [en anglais]

« Before winning an Academy Award as Best Documentary Short, the twenty-minute film [If You Love This Planet] was labeled as 'political propaganda' by the Reagan-era U.S. Department of Justice under the aegis of a 1930s era law. Copies of the film print shown in the United States were required to carry this warning label, creating a situation in which a documentary from the [National Film Board of Canada] was discussed as enemy propaganda. »
-- Jack C. Ellis, Betsy A. McLane (source)

« When Terri Nash first proposed the idea, there was only a modest hope that the NFB would agree to produce it. The subject -- one passionate (and rather shrill) lecturer on a familiar topic -- wasn't the sort of thing that usually appeals to filmmakers. Before putting the idea to the people in NFB's Studio D (the women's unit), Nash went to Washington and spent five days in the national archives, searching for film that was in the public domain and could be obtained at little cost. 'It was my first film,' she said recently, 'and I was trying to get material that would be really cheap, so that I could present them with a proposal that they couldn't turn down. »
-- Robert Fulford (source)

« Combined, the Oscar and the Justice Department's reaction encouraged Prime Minister Trudeau to order a video-cassette of the 28-minute 'hot potato' produced by the nation's film agency [If You Love This Planet]. Shortly after, he invited Helen Caldicott to lunch and then to a Liberal policy session. Commenting on Trudeau's subsequent peace mission in the autumn of 1983, a senior government official told journalists that Trudeau mentioned Caldicott more than any other person he had talked to on the subject. »
-- Chris Sherbarth (source)

« The NFB Programme Committee of the time [...] criticized the idea as uncinematic -- it was just an illustrated speech, said most of our male colleagues. Besides, they added, [Helen] Caldicott was, well, shrill. Strident. Hysterical. Once Planet was made but before it was released, distribution officials at the NFB said we should remove the clips featuring Ronald Reagan as a bomber pilot in old war movies; they would offend the U.S., and besides, were a 'cheap joke.' What they failed to understand was that women weren't laughing at the correlation between nuclear madness, machismo, and media. We resisted this internal self-censorship. Planet has become one of the most-used films in Canadian history. »
-- Bonnie Sherr Klein (source)

« [If You Love This Planet] is devastating in its simplicity. Renowned peace activist Dr. Helen Caldicott delivers a lecture about precisely what a nuclear war would mean in terms of human casualties. [Terre] Nash then cuts from shots of the eloquent Caldicott to horrifying black-and-white footage of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki »
-- Wyndham Wise (source)

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