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I, Maureen

Réalisé par Janine Manatis
Canada, 1978 (fiction, 101 minutes, couleurs, anglais)

Générique (partiel) :
Scénario : Janine Manatis
Source originale : une nouvelle de Elizabeth Spencer
Produit par : Duane Howard, Philip W. Speller
Interprètes principaux : Colleen Collins, Diane Bigelow, Nellie Salnick, Anne Stepura, Donna Preece, Robert Crone, Sandra Shuman, Holly Winzy, Petra Greenbaum, Rachel Greenbaum, D. Brian Damude, Jack Spencer, Don McBrearty, Richard Cohen, Jessica Cohen, Trixie Schink, Keith Leckie, Saul Field, Michael Ironside, Robert MacKay, Gary Schwartz, Barry Greenwald, Dianne Lawrence, Joan Hutton, Elsa de Jonge, Kell Winzy, Nadia Salnick, Marre Mumford, Patrick Lee, Annette Cohen
Images : Richard Leiterman, Marc Champion
Montage images : Kirk Jones
Musique : Hagood Hardy
Société de production : Jandu Productions Ltd.

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Citations sur I, Maureen [en anglais]

« For [Janine] Manatis, the making of I, Maureen was a learning experience shared with the members of a filmmaking workshop she conducted at the National Film Board. She selected the subject, the effects of a marriage breakup on a woman, from a story by Elizabeth Spencer, because she felt it was relevant to contemporary society. »
-- Robert Martin (source)

« A film that only ardent militant feminists could love, [I, Maureen has] a steadily interesting but slow, confusing starting plot about a married woman who, because of a premonition, leaves her wealthy husband and children and strikes out on her own with some success and some failures (the latter in love) but who perseveres. However, except for the central character well played by film newcomer Colleen Collins, the acting is amateurish in the extreme and there is self indulgence all over the place. »
-- Variety (source)

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