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Black White Blue

Réalisé par Kelly Fyffe-Marshall
Canada, 2018 (fiction, 6 minutes, couleurs, anglais)
Vidéo (Vimeo) [anglais]

Description du film [en anglais] :
« Rookie officer, Alicia Tyson struggles to fit into the culture of the police force. She has allegiances to both her Black community and to the force. After being involved in her first on-the-job shooting, her perspective begins to shift. As she begins to adopt a firmer stance she finally begins to feel at home on the force. When she ends up finding herself firing shots in an altercation with Black teens, she is forced to once again re-evaluate her values, her identity, and just how far she has drifted. »
-- Canadian Film Centre (source)

Générique (partiel) :
Scénario : Murry Peeters
Produit par : Sarah Kolasky, Jeff So
Interprètes principaux : Stephen Chambers, Maria del Mar, Danielle Getz, Murry Peeters, Noah Spitzer, Myrthin Stagg
Images : Nick Haight
Montage images : Christopher Malanchen
Musique : Jason Couse
Société de production : Canadian Film Centre

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