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Réalisé par Kay Armatage
Canada, 1983 (documentaire / expérimental, 55 minutes, couleurs)
Image : © Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

Description du film [en anglais] :
« This award-winning film features performances by master storytellers telling tales which together outline the trajectory of a lifespan, from creation, birth, heroic adulthood, to death and regeneration. The stories are inter-cut to effect an almost Proppian analysis of narrative and to suggest an alternative position for women as producers and heroes of culture. »
-- Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (source)


Citation sur Storytelling [en anglais]

« The extension of experimental interest to alternative forms of narrative, particularly in its association with particular feminist projects (the so-called New Narrative), is illustrated in the work of Vancouver's Patricia Gruben (Sifted Evidence, 1982 and Low Visibility, 1984), and in a different way in Kay Armatage's Storytelling (1983), in which the interlacing of seven storytelling performances reveals constants of story form to which she refuses narrative closure. »
-- David Clandfield (source)

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